Tyler Schultz has Bucco fever


Hawk Eye Staff

Tyler Schultz waves his Pens towel.

Ryan Meis, Staff Writer

When you walk through the halls, you have a good chance of seeing the yellow waving towel of the biggest Pens fan in the world, Tyler Schultz.

But with Pirates season getting underway, just like many Pittsburgh sports fans, Schultz has “Bucco Fever.”

“Every time Opening Day comes to Pittsburgh, there’s just something inside me that is excited about the new season,” says the biggest fan of the 5x Stanley Cup Champions.

Schultz is hopeful about the upcoming season. When asked if he thinks the future is bright for the Buccos, he responded with a short and simple, “I think so.”

The season hasn’t started quite like Pittsburgh fans may have wanted, giving up a 4-0 lead on Monday in the home opener, sending over 35,000 fans home in disappointment.

It was another “I think so” from Schultz when asked if the Pirates were going to be playing in the postseason.

There is a lot of question marks for this Pirate team coming off another missed trip to the playoffs a year ago, and October is a long ways away, so ANYTHING can happen.

Will Schultz ditch the Pens jerseys and yellow towel for a Marte or Cervelli jersey anytime soon, well that answer is an emphatic “NO,” but there’s no denying he has caught the case…

of Bucco Fever.