New COVID-19 restrictions follow an abate of cases

Anna Counihan, Staff Writer

On March 15, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced the rollback on COVID-19 restrictions in restaurants, businesses, and other gatherings limits as COVID-19 cases are declining and vaccination rates increasing 

Effective on Sunday, April 4, the following COVID cutbacks will be made.

  • Indoor events will increase to 25% of maximum capacity, regardless of venue size.
  • Outdoor events will increase to 50% of maximum capacity, regardless of venue size.
  • Any event may be held at maximum occupancy if six feet of social distance is maintained.
  • Indoor dining capacity will increase to 75% for restaurants that self-certify and to 50% for those that do not.
  • Restaurants are able to resume bar service. 
  • The 11 p.m. curfew for serving alcohol will be lifted.
  • Alcohol can be served without the purchase of food.
  • Capacity for personal service facilities, gyms, and entertainment venues (theaters, casinos, malls) will increase to 75%

With all of these rollbacks, it’s clear that Pennsylvania is making headway towards what was once normalcy. There is no denying that a mask-less future is on its way!

It is important to note that mask-wearing and social distancing ARE still in effect, and they will be for the foreseeable future. 

As always, stay home if you feel ill, and do your part to help the world recover by wearing your mask and distancing whenever possible.