Judge Arnoni among politicians chosen for BP positions

Russell Finelsen, Editor-in-Chief

The county elections took place on May 19 at poll stations in Bethel Park and all over Allegheny Park. After the votes were counted, some politicians got re-elected, while others got new positions in BP politics.

Judge Ron Arnoni was re-elected as the magisterial district judge in Bethel Park and Upper St. Clair. This happened amid the scandal that Arnoni impacted the election due to unethical behavior, which Arnoni denied. Arnoni, who is both a Democrat and Republican, got 43.7% of the Republican vote and 38.24% of Democrat votes.

Arnoni ran against attorney Molly Gaussa and BPHS police officer Jim Modrak. Both are cross-filed as Democrat and Republican.

“I’m honored to serve [as judge], and I will continue to work to help solve the issues presented to me in my courtroom,” Judge Arnoni said to The Almanac. 

Meanwhile, in the constable races, Democrat John Sullivan won Ward 5, and Democrat Thomas McDaniel got re-elected as the constable for Ward 2.

“I’ve been a constable since the 1980s, and I enjoy working with the people in this job,” McDaniel said to The Almanac. “I’m comfortable with the office’s duties.”

In the Ward 6 Council race, Democrat Mark O’Brien got re-elected, and Republican Timothy Moury got re-elected for the Ward 8 Councilman spot.

“I want to continue to improve the quality of life for all of our residents while keeping municipal taxes affordable,” Moury said to The Almanac. 

Republican Brandon Colella was re-elected to be the Ward 2 Councilman, and Republican Paul Dixon was voted to be the councilman for Ward 4, a position he has held since 1999.

“As a life-long community member and small business owner, I take pride in my work,” Colella said to The Almanac. “I will continue to represent Ward 2 with transparency, reason, and honesty.”

On the school board, David Amaditz, James Means Jr, and president Donna Cook, who are cross filed as Republican and Democrat, retained their positions, beating challenger Barry Christenson, who also cross files as Republican and Democrat.

“I want to ensure the Bethel Park School district maintains their reputation as a provider of excellent education,” Amaditz said to The Almanac.