BPHS Officer Rigatti honored by school board; BPHS custodian promoted

Russell Finelsen, Editor-in-Chief

The Bethel Park School Board met on April 28, and they decided some noteworthy things.

The board honored BP officer Tom Rigatti for his achievements in the force as his retirement approaches.

Officer Rigatti was involved with the school district for many years, and mostly with Police Pals, which he managed.

The Police Pals program is designed to teach children about drug abuse, drug safety, and crime prevention. The programis in use at schools around the Bethel Park area to teach students these ideals.

Officer Rigatti was also actively involved with Joey Fabus. Joey was eight years old, but had an inoperable brain tumor. However, this did not deter his dream of becoming a police officer. Officer Rigatti became Joey’s partner in the force after Joey was made into an honorable police officer. In addition, Rigatti organized police proceedings for Joey’s funeral after his unfortunate passing in January.

“[Officer Rigatti] went well beyond his job duties and was ‘heroic’ [with Joey],” board president Donna Cook said to The Almanac.

“Officer Rigatti has always been there for the children.”

In addition, William Keith earned a promotion. He was the head custodian at BPHS. Now, though, he is the director of facilities. He will take over jobs that were being done by outside companies in the previous years. Keith, who has worked in the school district for 15 years, will have his crew increased from 15 to 45 with the new job.

The jobs that Keith is now assigned to were being done by Aramark Corporation, which is based in Philadelphia. They had managed the district’s maintenance department, but will not anymore, as their contract with the school district ends on June 30.

In other board news, the contract with Metz Culinary Management was renewed. The company is projecting a $15,000 profit, but will keep lunch prices the same as before.