BPHS Alumni of the Week: Matt Serafini

Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

What year did you graduate?: 2013

What college do you go to?: Ohio University

What’s your major?: I’m studying screenwriting and producing.

Do you work anymore?: At home, I work at Toys “R” Us. At School, I work as a telerecruiter, meaning I’m one of the annoying people who calls seniors asking them to come to Ohio University.

Who was your favorite teacher at BPHS?: It’s a three-way tie between Mr. Kuczawa, Mr. Bellini, and Mr. Nagel.

What was your favorite class at BPHS?: English 11 Honors

What was the best BPHS lunch?: Chicken Fritters

Were you involved with any sports/activities? If so, which one was your favorite?: Marching Band, Musical, Top 21, Drama Club, SGA, Concert Band, and Concert Choir. Favorite was Top 21.

Do you miss high school?: Oh, sure.

Any advice for high schoolers now?: Don’t be cynical. Enjoy high school while you’re there, ’cause you can’t go back to it. Decide where you want to go to college early…and don’t make memes of the principal.

Who’s your favorite member of One Direction?: Zack Martin

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