Student of the Week: Joe Sager


Angela Sager

Joe Sager smiles for the camera in front of the "play like a champion" sign near the gym, and he is wearing his Bethel Park baseball T-shirt.

Sarah Pellis, Copy Editor, Deputy Features Editor

Name: Joe Sager

Grade: 12

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Movie: “Rocky 4”

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Animal: Hawk

Favorite Food: “Angel hair pasta with meatballs and pesto. Also, garlic bread on the side.”

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Rohar

Favorite Class: Intro to Programming

Celebrity Crush: “I have four. Selena Gomez, Camila Mendes, Vanessa Morgan, and Ariana Grande.”

Do you have a job?: Sales Associate at Bed Bath and Beyond

Dream job: Sports Broadcaster/ MLB Pitcher

Where are you going to college?: Penn State Fayette

How did your senior season for baseball go?:  “It went good. We finished 9-4-1.”

Why do you love baseball?: “It’s a place where I feel like an outcast. The game of baseball has brought me to meet so many great people.”

Any advice for younger class men?: “Even where you think it is impossible, believe in yourself and it will pay off in the end.”

Favorite part of high school?: “Definitely prom and football games.”


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