World Wednesday: Animal groups save 37 spotted seal pups from traffickers


Xinhua News Agency

A spotted seals sits in a cage before being released by officials into the sea near Dalian in northeastern China’s Liaoning province.

Isabella Kanzius , Deputy News Editor

Three months ago, animal groups spotted 37 spotted seal pups being trafficked by Chinese people. They rescued these pups from the traffickers and released them into the wild on Friday, May 10.

They were found three months ago by police in a remote coastal farm in a shed in northern China. The police found the pups starving and dying.

The police arrested eight suspects at the scene.

These pups were taken out of the wild for the aquarium industry so these creatures could be displayed in aquariums, shops, and restaurants.

Unfortunately, 29 pups could not be saved, and they died. Most of these pups were only two weeks old when found and also not weaned away from their mothers quite yet.

“We are thrilled that our Chinese partner group, VShine, was able to send animal welfare observers to the release of these seal pups back to the wild,” Peter Li of Humane Society International stated.

He also stated, “Sadly, China’s growing obsession for keeping marine species like seals and turtles in captivity is fueling wildlife crime such as this, which causes immense animal suffering and loss of life.”

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