World Wednesday: In Everglades National Park rare Bryde’s whale washes ashore

Isabella Kanzius , Deputy News Editor

In 2016, a species of whales known as Bryde’s whales was added to the endangered species list.

This species of whales is a member of the “great whales” also known as rorquals. The large baleen family includes other known whales such as blue whale and humpbacks.

The species of whales is not endangered in most of its habitats except the population in the Gulf of Mexico, which is isolated and endangered.

On February 1, a Bryde’s whale carcass had washed ashore in Everglades National Park.

Unfortunately, the scientists associated with the Federal Marine Mammal Stranding Network could not determine the cause of death after a thorough necropsy.

The whale that had washed ashore was a male and measured to be 38 feet in length.

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