Tips and tricks for the new quarter

Jayden Harris, Staff Writer

For many students, the beginning of a new marking period is a chance to start new, to set new goals, and to work harder than you did the last.

Here are some tips and tricks to jump start this new quarter.

Number One: Keep a planner. Keeping a planner will help you stay organized and on top of all your school work. A small one will not weigh you down on your way to class.

Number Two: Put away your phone. Believe me, I understand how hard it can be to put down your link to the outside world for more that 10 minutes, but it will definitely help.

Number Three: Breaks. Take breaks every half hour or so for just a few minutes to grab a snack and just take a minute to breathe. This will help you not stress out and retain more information.

I hope these three easy tricks help you study and stay on track this quarter.

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