Style of the Week: Natalie Coccagno is the Queen of Hand-Me-Downs


Zoe Zilcosky and Cameron Happe

Natalie Coccagno has a unique style. She does not buy into today’s fashion. In fact, she does not buy new clothes at all. Natalie only wears vintage clothes that she finds at thrift stores.

From wearing hand-me-downs, Natalie has gained the power to feel the spirit of everyone who wore the clothes before her. Whether dead or alive, Natalie knows the individual’s life story. She understands their struggles and their pleasures.

In the feature pic, Natalie sports a marled, multicolored turtleneck sweater with cropped, high-waisted jeans. Her shoes are white pumas with gold accents.

If you want to get this look, it’s too bad! It’s one of a kind! But, if you want to shop Natalie’s style, go to Goodwill.

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