BPHS Alumni of the Week: Corey Kroboth


Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

What year did you graduate?: 2015

What college do you go to?: Virginia Tech

What’s your major?: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Do you work anywhere while at home or at school?: I work hard everyday

Who was your favorite teacher at BPHS?: Mr. Thompson

What was your favorite class?: Freshman English

What was the best BPHS lunch?: Wraps with fries and milk

Were you involved in any sports or activities? If so, which one was your favorite?: Yes, I was involved; my favorite was volleyball because we rarely lost.

Do you miss high school?: There are some parts of high school that I miss.

Any advice for high schoolers now?: Do something with music at BPHS while you can. If you want to go to college, work really hard to give yourself options. Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Who was your favorite member of One Direction? (Rest In Peace): Is that the band that sang “What Makes You Beautiful”? One time I was singing that song in my car, ok screaming that song in my car. Then a BPHS teacher pulled up next to me and we made eye contact for an uncomfortable length of time. It was maybe one second, but to be fair any length of time is uncomfortable in this situation. Then we both pulled away when the light turned green only to be stopped next to each other again at the next light. By that time the song was over, but the moment lived on. I tested my will by staring straight ahead. I wonder if that teacher was watching me, hoping I broke out in song? Could he/she hear me? Did I sound good? Either way, seeing that teacher in the hallways always reminded me of that song. So whoever sang the chorus of that song I guess is my favorite.

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