Marching band may invite freshmen to join

Krista Vandyke, Staff Writer

Bethel Park’s marching band never seizes to amaze their audiences at each and every one of their performances. Next year, there might be a slight change in who can join in the long time tradition of our community.

The newest potential members of the band? Freshmen.

Freshmen have never had the option of joining marching band. They are allowed to take band classes, and many of them have been playing their instruments since middle school.

However, despite how dedicated these students are to their instruments, the opportunity of joining marching band has never been available.

The band is always looking for ways to improve. Although BPHS already has one of the largest bands in the area, the addition of more talented members would surely be welcome.

More members would definitely require more transportation to get to games and competitions for the band.

But as for the annual spring trip, the freshmen would continue to go on their own separate trip to Hershey Park as opposed to going on the big trip with the marching band to Disney World, Myrtle Beach, or Chicago.

The band already has enough teachers involved, both middle school and high school. The only small problem might be the first year of welcoming freshmen to the band because there would be two groups of new band members, freshmen and sophomores.

Yet, before the freshmen are given this opportunity, the school board must vote on it. If the change is approved, there could be a big and exciting change to our admirable band next year. It is certainly something that we look forward to hearing more about.

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