Matt’s top 5 dishes for Thanksgiving dinner

Matthew Scabilloni, Staff Writer

5.) Rolls and Butter. It’s not a super cool pick to have at No. 5, but you can never go wrong with some butter and rolls on Thanksgiving.  We all take the Rolls when sitting down at the table on Thanksgiving. So, just for rolls and butter consistency, I have it at No. 5.

4.) Ham. It’s in my opinion 10 times better than turkey and should be served on Thanksgiving instead of turkey, but I know it’s tradition. Ham just tastes amazing, and when it’s cooked, well it’s one of the best things you will eat year-round. So, for ham as one of those perfect things when cooked, well is why I have it at No. 4.

3.) Pumpkin Pie. It’s in my opinion the best Thanksgiving dessert especially when you get the proper amount of whipped cream on top of it. Pumpkin pie is not the same as ham by being amazing year-round but at the perfect times of the year like Thanksgiving or Christmas, pumpkin pie is just the perfect dessert. So, for pumpkin pie just being perfect for the season and tasting delicious at the right time, I have it at No. 3.

2.) Stuffing. It’s basically the only reason people enjoy Turkey because it goes so well on the side with Turkey. Stuffing just tastes perfect at the Thanksgiving table, and it will always be one of those things at the Thanksgiving table that I will grab for first. It tastes so good and pairs so well with the other things at the table. So, for stuffing’s way of complementing other things at the table and its downright deliciousness, I have it at No. 2.

1.) Sweet Potatoes.  I know it’s super controversial, but the way my grandma makes my family’s sweet potatoes makes me put this perfect Thanksgiving dish at No. 1.  It’s perfectly done for me and makes it the perfect Thanksgiving dish to have. So, for sweet potatoes’ downright perfection, I have it at No 1.