More towns need to build full-time firehouses

Russell Finelsen, Assistant Editor, Sports Editor

There are many firehouses around the United States of America. However, a majority of them rely on volunteers.

Full-time firehouses are better for a number of reasons. Building full-time firehouses will decrease the need for volunteers, make the economy better, and decrease waiting times for fires.

With a volunteer-led firehouse, there is the need for volunteers. And, it could be very hard to recruit people who are willing to volunteer to get rid of fires. On the other hand, with a full-time firehouse, there is no need for volunteers. Either people work full-time as firefighters, or do not work at all. Thus, with a full-time firehouse,  there is no need for volunteers.

Implementing firehouses will make the economy better in many aspects. Mainly, unemployment will go down. This is because firehouses will need firefighters to work full-time, all the time, like accountants and doctors. Thus, since more people will get work, the amount of people that are unemployed will go down. In addition, since more people have full-time jobs, they will get wages. Then, they can use these wages for various objects and services, like food, clothing, gas, and car washes. Thus, the money goes back into the economy, and the economy goes up. Clearly, building a full-time firehouse will benefit everybody from an economic standpoint.

Finally, by building a full-time firehouse, the wait for firefighters to arrive at a site of a fire will decrease. When a firehouse is run by volunteers, they do not travel to the firehouse on a daily basis until needed. Then, when a fire is called in, they have to drive from their present location to the firehouse, and then to the site a of a fire. However, when there is a full-time firehouse, the wait time is significantly shortened. This is because most (and almost all) full-time firefighters stay in the firehouse for long periods of time, whether they only work there or live there. Thus, when a fire is called in, the firefighter only has to drive from the firehouse directly to the site of the fire. Therefore, when a full-time firehouse is included in a municipality’s structure, waiting times for fires will go down.

There are many good reasons to replace a volunteer-run firehouse with a full-time one. With a full-time firehouse, there is no need for volunteers. In addition, with a full-time firehouse, the economy will go up, while wait times for fires will go down. Thus, every aspect of the town, state, and country would improve will full-time firehouses.