Obama’s proposed plan has pros and cons

Kaitlyn Ellsworth and Taylor Scalise

On Thursday, Jan. 8, President Obama proposed a plan to provide two years of Community College for free to students. This program will allow the chance to receive an associate’s degree or half of a bachelor’s degree as long as they maintain a C average in their classes. This idea has the potential to support nine million students and save each student about $3,800 dollars per year. While this program may be highly controversial, we feel it has potential to be both good and bad.

This proposition will be strongly debated by other universities, because with this proposal, enrollment will drop drastically. With this comes questions of how classes will be paid for, as well as how professors and faculty will be paid. Additionally, this may prevent the renovation of run-down buildings at the Community College. It seems there are many flaws in the plan as well. For example, what happens if someone does not achieve a C-average? Will this student have to pay? Also, students may not be as motivated to try hard in their classes if their education is free.

On the other hand, with free Community College, everyone will have the opportunity to get an education at any age if they desire to. Obama said, “We also have to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to constantly train themselves for better jobs, better wages, better benefits.” Obama’s proposal will save a lot of time in the financial aid process. This plan has the potential to stimulate our economy because people will have the extra money to spend on other goods and services. Lastly, through this proposal, college hopefuls will have the opportunity to see if college is the right fit for them.

This tempting proposal could change the lives of many students who dream of going to college, but aren’t able to. With many debatable points, we will have to wait to see how it may plan out in the future.