Black Friday is becoming Black Thursday

Kaitlyn Ellsworth, Staff Writer

Many shoppers find joy in waking up at 3 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving to find the best deals of the year. That day is known as Black Friday. But now, shoppers can simply just go on Thanksgiving, a day that is supposed to be spent with family and friends.

Many store’s doors opened late in the afternoon on Thanksgiving day to provide shoppers with the opportunity to buy their gifts even earlier. Even though a lot of people were still at home eating turkey, some made time to go shopping.

BPHS student Krista Van Dyke said, “I prefer spending Thanksgiving with my family, so I just wait until Cyber Monday to shop and get good deals!”

Thanksgiving is a day where people are supposed to spend time with their families, the people they are most thankful for. If one already ate their Thanksgiving meal and their family is on their way home, then they should go shopping, but do not leave family early to get these deals. The deals will still be there the next day, but spending quality time with family does not come around as often. So enjoy family on Thanksgiving while you can, and then go shopping after.