BP students should have a two-hour delay every Monday

Kayte Zeiler, Staff Writer

Last Monday, students district-wide had a two-hour delay because of Act 80 days. Many students would love this to be a weekly thing.

First, getting those two extra hours of sleep may help students. Memory improvement is one of the many benefits of extra sleep.

High school students tend to struggle with their grades. If a student is trying to meet a deadline, they often sacrifice sleep. According to health.com, this can actually hurt their grades. A two- hour delay every Monday may help them catch up on those few extra hours.

Teachers often call out a student who is staring off into space daydreaming. When you do not get your eight hours, your mind can tend to not stay focused on important things like learning.

Second, BPHS prides itself on its sports teams. More sleep can help student athletes perform better.

The last thing schools want is one of their student-athletes getting hurt. Webmd.com explains that the  risk of injury is greater for people deprived of sleep.

In summary, students can benefit from extra sleep and two-hour delay every Monday would be just what they need.