Mobile Game Reviews: Trivia Crack

Russell Finelsen, Assistant Editor, Sports Editor

So far, in this series, I have done some games that are big hits in the present. These include Crossy Road and aa. This review, though, is based on a past classic.

This time, I am reviewing Trivia Crack.  Like every other game, I will judge this game on its overall play, achievements, price, graphics and movement, and addiction rating. I will give a letter rating for each category. Then, I will give a total numerical grade for the game.

1. Overall Play: Trivia Crack, made by Etermax, is a fairly new trivia game. Even with the hundreds of trivia apps out there, though, this game could easily be at the top of the list.

Once one starts a game against another player, whether it be a random person or a friend, one spins a wheel. The wheel has six categories: geography, science, history, sports, art, and entertainment. If the dial on the wheel stops on the specific category, one must answer a question about that category. If the question is answered correctly, then one gets to spin again. If one answer three consecutive questions correctly, they have a chance at a token. Tokens are also available in the categories above; but, it is one token per category. And, on the wheel, there is a crown section that gets you automatically try for a token, whether you need one or three correct answers more to have a chance at a token. If the player gets six tokens, they win. However, when one gets a question wrong, play immediately shifts top the other player.

There are other features to the game. When one adds friends, they compete with them to see who answers the most correct questions each week. In addition, one can suggest, rate, and translate other questions in the game. Thus, if one is a trivia fan, this is the perfect game for them.

Grade: A+

2. Achievements: There are many achievements that one can pass in this game. This ranges from answering 500 questions in the Sports category correctly to connecting your social account to the game. And, after every achievement is passed, one gets coins to pay for power-ups in the actual game. Thus, the use of achievements in this game is very good.

Grade: A+

3. Price: The price is a minor problem. The problem: it costs $99.99 to buy a certain amount of coins. However, if you do not buy this, the next largest amount is $25, which is a mere 1/4 of the actual highest price. Thus, if you forego buying the most expensive item, the game and its objects are pretty cheap.

Grade: C-

4. Graphics and Movement: Graphics are very good in this game. The graphics are realistic and are accurate when it shows the wheel that one spins.

Movement is also very good. The wheel moves easily without any delays or lag. In addition, the questions and the rest of the game operates effortlessly. Thus, movement is great.

Grade: A+

5. Addiction Rating: If you do not have a lot of games to play in this game, it is hard to get addicted to this game. This is because if you get one question wrong, play immediately shifts to the other player. Thus, unless you can get every single question right, it is very hard to get addicted.

Grade: A

Overall Grade: 95/100

This game is one of the best on the app store to download. Even though it costs a large amount of money to buy coins, if you do not buy that, it is a very cheap and good game.