Mobile Game Reviews: SimCity BuildIt


Russell Finelsen, Staff Writer, Assistant Editor, Sports Editor

If you read my last article and liked what you saw, you most likely downloaded Crossy Road. But, you might have gotten bored with the game already. You might have said, “I cannot stop playing. Help me find a new game!” or “It is hopeless to get a higher top score. I need a new game!” Well, I just found another game that could be your next app on your device.

This review is all about SimCity BuildIt. Like Crossy Road, I will judge this game on five categories: overall play, achievements, price, movement and graphics, and overall addiction rating. The game will receive a letter grade from each category and an averaged numerical grade.

1. Overall Play: The goal of the game is to build a successful city. In this city, you build new buildings and stores. However, with this plethora of homes comes the need for power, electricity, water, and other needs. You need to save money for these necessities. Then, you can build them all over the city to help your city expand. And, even though some things are not needed, like parks, education, and transportation, these things increase your population by the thousands.

However, some of these buildings have exorbitant prices, which causes you to buy coins with real money. This problem could hamper your ability to build the city to new boundaries and heights.

Grade: B+

2. Achievements: There are no true achievements. However, they come in a different way. Each time you complete a building, you get level points. And, when you level up, you get access to new buildings, infrastructure, and other items. Even though achievements come in a different way, they help you build your city even bigger.

Grade: A

3. Price: You need coins, gems, and keys to build infrastructure, hurry construction, or buy needed materials. However, some of these items are very expensive. Even though large amounts of coins and gems can be advertised as the best deal on the game, they can still be very expensive. In actuality, these prices can be as high as $99.99. My question is, why would you spend so much money on an alternate universe when we need to save for items in the real world?

Grade: F

4. Movement and Graphics: The graphics are relatively good. However, when you look closely, many cars crash. This happens when they exit a parking lot. In addition, if there is a stoplight at a curve, the cars do not stop before the light. Yes, they stop in the intersection!! This is very bad for a city.

In addition, when you try to move a building, you cannot choose what street it will adjourn. The game does it for you, so if you want a building facing west instead of north, you have to deal it facing north. Furthermore, there are problems with the roads themselves. It is very hard to demolish a road that you do not want because you wind up getting rid of the road you want. Also, when you upgrade the roads to two lanes each way, the game puts in two intersection squares next to each other, even if there is only one intersection. This causes many crashes between the cars.

Grade: C-

5. Addiction Rating

Due to the fact that you have to wait at least a minute to have all your materials finished and ready to be used in construction, it is a little difficult to get addicted. You can leave the game, and come back an hour or two later to collect all the finished materials and apply them onto the construction.

Grade: B+

Overall Grade: 82/100

If you want to become an architect or are just interested in building cities, then this is the game for you. Otherwise, why would you spend $100 for something when you have to deal with bad graphics and movement?

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