Homeroom Rep. Report: March

Michael Musciano, Staff Writer

This upcoming March has many things planned for it, but let’s talk about old business.

The Yuda bands sale yield a great response and collected around $3,900 for charity.

The sophomores won the color wars during spirit week and will be having a muffin breakfast sometime soon.

Lastly, Homeroom 312 collected the most money for “Make a Wish Foundation” and will also receive a breakfast.

This April, SGA will be hosting a Volleyball tournament; details of the event are still being discussed, but you will hear about them soon.

If you want to be an SGA officer, your packets are due Wednesday, March 12. Also, if you wish to be on the Executive Board in SGA, packets for that are due Wednesday, March 26.

If you need a grant for any school related club or activity, applications can be found in the activities office, just fill it out and wait for a reply.

Stay tuned for details to come.

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