John Airesman: The ultimate nature survivalist

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John Airesman: The ultimate nature survivalist

Gavin Campbell, Staff Writer

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Senior John Airesman is a certified nature survivalist and boasts that he can probably survive in any nature situation.

He is an Eagle Scout and has built many community wonders such as “The Adirondack,” “Echo,” and the world-renowned “Shack.”

“Echo” built by John Airesman. It has since been knocked down.


John Airesman and friends at “Echo.”


“The Adirondack” built by John Airesman. It’s located in South Park by Green Man Tunnel.


John Airesman and friends at “The Adirondack.”


Airesman also enjoys touring the great fire towers of the Wild West of Pennsylvania.

I recently sat down with him and asked him questions on how to survive in the wild.

Campbell: So John, you’re quite the nature connoisseur is that correct?

Airesman: Yeah, I guess you could say that.

Campbell: If you were trapped on an island, which book would you bring?

Airesman: Bushcraft 101.

Campbell: If you could bring any three items to be trapped on an island with, what would they be?

Airesman: Is this a big island?

Campbell: Sure

Airesman: Probably a fixed blade knife that has a built in flint & steel (tops bob), 30-06 hunting rifle, and a big metal pot for cooking and boiling water.”

Campbell: If you were trapped in the wild, what is the first thing you would do?

Airesman: Find a water source and build a shelter by it.

Campbell: Who has taught you the most about surviving in nature?

Airesman: Probably TV shows like Dual Survival and Drake and Josh. Also my dad, he’s taught me most of what I know.

Campbell: If you could bring one friend with you in a survival situation, who would it be?

Airesman: If it’s someone I know, probably Mark Kozleuchar. He has more body fat to burn off and lose.

Airesman is one of the top nature survivalists this side of the Mississippi, as his cunning, quick-witted thoughts aid him in his escape of perilous situations.

I asked Connor Wholey, a Veteran in the Wilderness Industry, if he thought Airesman was the ultimate nature survivalist.

“Yeah,” Wholey said.

Another expert Andrew Davis said, “I guess,” when asked.

Clearly, John Airesman has been recognized by his peers as the ultimate nature survivalist. So next time you’re stuck in the unforgiving conditions of Mother Nature, remember all the tips he has given you.