Ultimate team to have a season this spring


Phil Becker

The 2019 ultimate frisbee team smiles for a group pic.

Anna Counihan, Staff Writer

Renegade, Bethel Park’s ultimate frisbee team, is to pick up a season for spring 2021.

As of now, Mount Lebanon, Upper Saint Clair, Central Catholic, Peters, and Trinity will have teams participating in the upcoming season. With the chances of playing being so low a few months ago, these teams are coming ready to play and dominate the season.

A recruitment meeting will be held after school in the cafeteria on Thursday, March 18th. Coach Phil Becker and players will be there to answer any questions regarding the sport.

Ultimate is a no-contact, self-refereed flying frisbee game. The field used is a narrow football field, and each team competes to get the frisbee to their end zone without dropping any passes. Games are played for 40 minutes, with two 20-minute halves. 

The team currently has practices on Tuesday evenings and scrimmages on Sunday evenings. The events are open to anybody interested in the sport. No commitment is required to attend. 

When asked why he thinks others should join, player Matt Ruffing said: “Everyone on the team is so nice and helpful and it is an amazing environment to be involved in. I would recommend becoming a part of the frisbee family to everyone. Overall, it is such a fun sport to play and there are so many friends to be made.”

If interested in joining, please contact Phil Becker at [email protected] or direct message the team’s Instagram, @bp_renegade. Don’t forget to attend the meeting on Thursday, March 18 after school.

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