Packers defeat 49ers in Thursday Night Football

Keith Allison

Aaron Rodgers gets his team ready in the huddle.

Max Lorenz, Staff Writer

The Packers completely dominated the 49ers in their Thursday night matchup. The Packers won 34-17, and at one time they led 33-3. The 49ers never once had the lead in this game and it was never close.

The Packers came out dominating from the start. Devante Adams and Aaron Rodgers seem to have found their stride. Rodgers passed for 305 yards, 173 of them to Adams, to go along with one touchdown. This shocked many people as the 49ers are considered to have one of the best defenses in the NFL.

The 49ers struggled to get anything going on offense. It didn’t help that their starting quarterback and star tight end were both out for the game. Green Bay’s defense limited 49ers’ QB Nick Mullens to passing for 291 yards on 22/35 passing attempts.

This game was very disappointing because it was a long-anticipated matchup of two contenders in the NFC. The 49ers simply just did not show up. Their run game was held to only 55 yards on 17 carries. They normally control the run game and work from that, but when it isn’t working they have nothing to rely on with a backup QB in.

The Packers, however, had a fantastic run game going. They had 111 yards on 31 carries. Their run game helped to set up open passes downfield, which ultimately won them this game.

The 49ers look to bounce back next against the Saints, while the Packers hope to keep their dominant offense going against the Jaguars.

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