NFL offseason persists through COVID-19 outbreak

Michael Tipton via Flickr, cc

The NFL playoffs started with a bang

Hunter Junazski, Staff Writer

The NFL is having so far one of the biggest offseasons in a while. Many players have entered free agency and the league has taken a huge turn. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak will still affect the NFL draft which was scheduled for sometime in April, but for now, it is postponed; the NFL may have to make some adjustments to get these players to be drafted.

Free agency started with a bang as six-time Super Bowl champion and long-time New England Patriot Tom Brady had left New England for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This really shakes up the league as New England has been a powerhouse for two decades, and now that dynasty has come to an end.

Some other moves in the league were Stephon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills to add a very talented target for young QB Josh Allen. Another move was the trade in which David Johnson was sent to the Texans for star WR Deandre Hopkins. A much-needed trade for the Cardinals as David Johnson has been underutilized the past couple years due to injuries and other stipulations.

Additionally, Todd Gurley has signed with the Atlanta Falcons after they released Devonta Freeman. Todd Gurley was a star with the Los Angeles Rams and is still very young and talented, so he will look to start a new career with the Falcons in an already high powered offense.

Other transactions include the Indianapolis Colts’ signing of long-time Los Angeles Chargers’ QB Phillip Rivers. Also, Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles has now been acquired by the Chicago Bears. Finally, in other quarterback news, ex-Titan Marcus Mariota has been acquired by the now Las Vegas Raiders.

The NFL shall persist in its offseason through the COVID-19 outbreak. Fans all around are hoping for the outbreak to not push into and disrupt the NFL season.

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