Opinion: The MLB needs a salary cap


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Matthew Szymanowski, Deputy Sports Editor

As we approach the end of May, baseball is hitting full stride. We are two months into the season, and it has been an exciting one… for some teams.

Big market teams are thriving this year. The New York Yankees sit atop the AL East with a 35-19 record.

After a slow start following their World Series victory, the Boston Red Sox trail the Yankees by less than seven games.

The Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers all lead their divisions in the National League respectively.

What’s common about those teams? They all have money.

Major League Baseball does not have a salary cap. Since there is no limit to how much your team can spend, teams such as Los Angeles and New York can buy as many players as they like.

Other teams are not as fortunate.

Teams like the Kansas City Royals and the Baltimore Orioles do not have the luxury to get anyone they want. They spend what they have and work from within.

A few years ago, they thrived and played each other in the ALCS.

Now, they have a combined 35-74 record to start this season.

The strategy from developing players from within and spending your money does work, but only briefly.

With free agents and injuries, small market teams have a small window of opportunity for greatness.

The Kansas City Royals capitalized on it in 2015 by winning the World Series. Now, they have a losing record.

The Indians went to the World Series in 2016 and had the best record in baseball in 2017. Now, they have a losing record.

Right now, teams such as the Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay Rays are in their thriving times.

They have developed players into stars, signed the right guys, and made the right trades.

The problem is that in a few years, they will all be irrelevant.

Small market teams have to continue this cycle of being terrible for years, then thriving at the right time.

Big market teams do not have to worry about this. They develop some players, but they buy most people.

A perfect example of this is the New York Yankees. They have had more injuries than anyone in baseball this season, yet they still sit on top of their division over the Tampa Bay Rays.

How? They’re getting production out of the money they have spent.

The solution to making baseball fair would be a salary cap. If there were a salary cap, big market teams could not spend their money crazily, and small market teams could compete every year.

This system works fine in the NHL where you see new teams in the postseason every year.

In the end, baseball has no intentions of putting in a salary cap soon. In my opinion, they should consider it.

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