Hawk Eye Ha Has: Anthony Chiccitt enters name into NFL Draft


Juliana Carbone

Junior quarterback Anthony Chiccitt readies for his game against Baldwin on Sept. 28, 2018.

Ryan Meis, Staff Writer

Anthony Chiccitt, our very own Anthony Chiccitt, has entered his name into the NFL Draft.

After an impressive junior season, the 5-star recruit has decided to forgo his senior season and instead enter his name into the field of many hopeful college players in the NFL Draft.

In a recent ESPN segment, football analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. said: “Anthony is the best prospect I’ve seen since Brett Farve. The way he throws the ball, his ability to get outside of the pocket and extend plays, just blows my mind. If he doesn’t go number 1, I may quit my job.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the number 1 overall pick, so it looks like Chiccitt is gonna have the chance to be a hometown hero, especially since Big Ben Roethlisberger said, “I don’t want to play football anymore, I’m more into cooking. I want to start my own cooking show.”

Tune in to NFL Network on April 25 and show your love to BP’s own Anthony Chiccitt.

Good luck, Anthony! #hawkpride



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