John Scott earns the MVP title at NHL All-Star Weekend

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

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John Scott, a 6′ 8″, 275-pound left wing, was named MVP during the NHL All-Star Weekend.

Scott was voted into playing in the All-Star Weekend basically as a joke because he is not the best player, and he doesn’t score that often based on his stats.

But once the last game had finally begun, he proved a lot of people wrong with his skills. Just minutes into the final 3-on-3 game, Scott scored his first NHL All-Star goal. But that wasn’t all he did. A couple minutes later, he scored in a break-away which made everyone surprised.

After the game, Scott told a reporter for“I just kind of got sick and tired of reading articles that just portrayed me as a slow-footed goon who just can’t play and is here as a joke. I was just kind of fed up with it . . . I’m glad I did it. It worked out perfectly.”

In the end, the Pacific Division won the title of 2016 NHL All-Stars and got to split $1 million.

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