College athletes should not get paid

Ty Miller, Staff Writer

The question of should student athletes be paid in college sports is becoming a huge topic of debate.

There have been many scandals as of late such as the University Of Miami football team being paid by boosters, Johnny Manziel receiving money for autographs, or members of the Ohio State football team receiving free items.

These incidents are starting to happen more and more often in college sports.

In my opinion, the NCAA should not be being paying student athletes.

You would never be able to satisfy everyone and make it fair for everyone.

Would you pay different players different amounts of money? Would you pay Florida State starting quarterback Jameis Winston as much as their kicker Roberto Aguayo? How would you decide how much to pay different players?

Or would you be paying all sports the same amount of money? It really doesn’t sound fair or make much sense to be paying football or basketball players more than say fencing or water polo. You would then be creating salary caps for different sports. Who determines the pay scale?

Then it would turn into a professional sports business where guys would be demanding new contracts for their performance, or maybe transferring to other colleges where they know they could be paid more.  This would turn into unfair recruiting advantages for schools that are not as big as others. Some athletes will be picking schools solely based on pay versus the most important factor, academics.

Student athletes are paid by receiving a free or supplemented education.

The NCAA has done just fine using the rules they have used over the last number of years.

Student athletes are already receiving their benefit, a stage to showcase their talents and monies toward their college education.