It’s not too late to wish

Anna Counihan, Staff Writer

It’s Wish Week at BPHS, and once again, SGA is providing students a chance to spread kindness throughout the school. 

Wish Week has been a reigning tradition at BPHS for many years, and it is one that is simple to participate in!

Normally during Wish Week, there are boxes marked “wishes” placed in each floor’s rotunda for students to drop notes in as they please. With the restrictions in place, SGA has creatively thought of using QR codes to collect wishes. School-goers can simply scan the QR code and fill out the Google form. Those at home are able to fill out the same Google form, only it is provided through an email. 

SGA is encouraging students to submit as many responses as they want, as they want to bring a smile to as many faces as possible.

For those that choose to stay remote– don’t worry! When asked, Teacher Mr. Kszastowski said, “For those at home, we will be looking into the best way to get them to each individual student.  For some, it will be a pickup at the high school and for others, friends may choose to make deliveries.” 

The most common wishes are typically sending a friend food and throwing a pizza party for a certain class. The SGA committees have come with the three “go-to options” which include gifting a BP mask, flowers, or a Sarris candy bar to whomever it is directed.