Speech & Debate Club starts Monday, Sept. 16


Ms. Robb

Speech and Debate flyers, like this, posted in classrooms, alert students to the club and its first meeting of the year.

Weeam Boumaza, News Editor, Deputy Opinions Editor

Did you know that public speaking is the No. 1 thing people fear more than death?

For anyone who wants to eliminate that fear, Speech & Debate is the perfect club to join.

There are endless options for varying Speech & Debate events, such as classic Public Forum debate or even Congressional debate!

For those who enjoy making others laugh, Humorous Interpretation might be the event for you!

For anyone who likes to provoke emotion in the audience, there is Dramatic Interpretation. The list goes on….and….on…and…on.

If you are interested in joining, the first meeting will be held on Monday, Sept. 16 in the library after school. You can contact Ms. Robb, the sponsor, in Room 407 for more information.