German students succeed at Three Rivers German Day Competition

Isabella Kanzius, Deputy News Editor

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The German students competed on March 7 at Washington and Jefferson College. They competed against 14 other high schools and finished with two first places, three second places, and four third place awards. This is the 17th consecutive year that they have finished first and second in the Culture Bowl Competition.

Junior Lily Wilson had swept first place and sophomore Carly Roberts captured second place at the competition. Lily Wilson also took first place in the fiction writing competition. Her story is known as “Es War Einmal…” or “Once Upon A Time.”

Junior Rachel Najdzinski had captured second place in the poetry writing competition. Her poem is “Die Antwort Ist Klar” or “The Answer is Clear.”

Second place was also awarded to sophomore Kerrianne Troesch for her recitation of the poem “Heidenroslein.”

Freshman Ella Voskamp had placed third in fiction writing. Her story was “Der Grobe Krieg” or “The Great War.” She also swept third place in the drawing competition for her version of “Krampus.”

Freshman Willow Hernishin placed third in the Folkloric Arts and Crafts competition. She had made a German birdhouse.

Freshman Kaitlyn Wiard had swept third place in Proverb Posters for her version of the German proverb, “Zu Nacht Sind Alle Katzen Grau” or “All Cats are grey at night.”