It’s Spirit Week at BPHS



Senior Rosie Dailey, junior Grace Bair, and senior Anthony Lucchitti work on posters for SGA's Wish Week and Spirit Week. SGA posted this photo on their Instagram.

Sarah Pellis, Features Editor, Copy Editor

Feb. 18 begins Spirit Week, and there are a lot of events that are happening throughout the week.

Monday is Black and Orange Day. Students and staff can participate by wearing Bethel Park colors. At lunches, students can play limbo.

Tuesday is Dress Like Your Favorite Teacher Day. Students can dress like a teacher or a legendary teacher AND teachers can even dress like students. At lunch, students can participate in musical chairs.

Wednesday is Rivalry Day. Students and staff can wear clothing from area schools like USC or Peters. At lunch, students can pin the beak on the Hawk.

Also, on that day is Counting for Coins and the Hawk Hunt. Counting for Coins is where you bring in money for your teachers to count (thus delaying class) and to see who gains the most money for the Humane Society. The Hawk Hunt is a game where you go around the school on a scavenger hunt in hopes of winning the prize of being Dr. J for a day. The clues will be sent via your email during homeroom.

Thursday is Throwback Thursday (students and staff can wear clothing from the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s), and the game at lunch is corn hole. There will also be a “Where’s Waldo” held between classes, and if you find him, you can win candy.

Friday is Class Color Day, and students can participate in a hula-hooping contest at lunches. The class colors to wear that day are red for seniors, blue for juniors, green for sophomores, and yellow for freshman.

Also, throughout the week, SGA will be granting wishes made during last week’s Wish Week.

That is basically it, so get into the school spirit because we definitely need more of that.

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