BPHS is getting a new entrance sign!

Zoe Zilcosky, Staff Writer

No longer will visitors accidentally pass by our school only to have to turn around and retrace their steps.

Why?  Because BPHS is getting an entrance sign!

The Bethel Park School Board had Hayes Design Group proceed on the project at the board meeting on March 28th.

According to District Spokesperson Vicki Flotta: “The reason the sign has taken so long to erect is that we were initially focused on re-grading the area where it will appear and restoring the baseball field, currently known as the BPHS Front Field, on the corner of Church and Black Hawk Drive.  Also, because the sign is newer, larger and contains the LED screen, we needed to follow the Municipality’s zoning procedures.”

Alumni donations and raised funds from the parent-teacher association will pay for the sign. The sign is currently out for bid so we do not know exactly how much it will cost.

The sign is expected to be installed by mid-August, just in time to welcome staff and students to the new school year.

The sign will be 8 feet high and 12 feet wide (much larger than the old sign) and will be constructed of brick and mortar with an LED panel.

The days of physically having to change the letters on the sign are no more.

“Compared to the old sign, the new sign is larger, made of better materials and is more modern with the LED message board, so more than one message can appear on the sign,” said Mrs. Flotta.

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