Seniors get Goofy Awards

Zoe Zilcosky, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March  22, the Junior Ways N Means hosted the Goofy Awards in the BPHS auditorium. Goofy Awards are the senior superlatives that are voted on by the senior class. The winners were announced at the Awards show. The MCs were Jordan Hare and Max Heller.

The Winners:

Cutest Couple: Nathan Hoppe and Adriane Slater

Couple that Should’ve Been: Robbie Morosetti and Sarah Steeb

Best Friends (Boys): Will Douds and Jason Bauer

Best Friends (Girls): Kayla Veith and Morgan Gleckl

Biggest Transformation: Max Heller and Jessica Gatti

Worst Case Senioritis: Robbie Morosetti and Steph Marfisi

Best Hair: Jake Miller and Abby Graham

Most Likely to Test the Judicial System: Mikie Falcone and Alaina Dvorsky

Best Dressed: Tony Tavoletti/Sean Hruby and Bridget Murray

Worst Driver: Matt Orsini and Shayla Staley

Most Athletic: Terron Murphy and Justina Mascaro

Loudest: Max Heller and Riley Gercak

Most Opinionated: Patrick Counihan and Riley Gercak

Best Eyes: Robbie Morosetti and Brittany Maxwell

Most Likely to Be Famous: Chris Conway and Adriane Slater

Most Likely to Succeed: Kyle Coplan and Alexa Patrizio

Friendliest: JD Measures and Kayla Veith

Biggest Flirt: Caleb Pierson and Shayla Staley

Most Likely to Be President: Jeff Hoffman and Erin Ridge

Best Musician: Joey Mueser and Julia Davin

Most Talkative: Max Heller and Carolyn Cook

Class Clown: Brevin Mastovitch and Abby Nuss

Laziest: Robbie Morosetti and Steph Marfisi

Most Memorable: Josh Poe and Abby Nuss

Best Smile: Jonathan Luchetti and Kenna Zimmer

Best Laugh: Mikie Falcone and Kenna Zimmer

Best Car: Alex Kean and Ali Cox

Worst Car: Joey Scabilloni and Alexa Patrizio

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