Sewing students incorporate STEAM into curriculum


Joanna White, Staff Writer

In recent years, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education has become more prominent both nationwide and at Bethel Park.

Joining the STEAM community are the students of Miss Potts’ sewing class. Sewing classes have been incorporating STEAM by making Conductive Sewing Projects.

In describing the projects, Miss Potts, teacher of the sewing class, said that it is “sort of like Project Runway where each student starts with the same materials and they create their own pieces… [They will win] as long as they use part of the shirt given. The winner of the contest will receive a gift card.”

The materials given to the students were: T-shirts, LED lights, thread, batters and a batter-holder.

Students responded well to the challenge, creating unique projects such as stuffed animals, pillows, accessories, and aprons.

To find out more or to see the projects, go to Room 119.

Students in the sewing class also create various projects to sell, with all proceeds benefiting a charity of the class’s choice. Last year, students made change purses to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of Pittsburgh.

This year, the students are making stuffed animals to be sold at a silent auction with all proceeds benefiting the Humane Society.

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