Professional designer Antonio Tavoletti’s ironically contradictory garments


Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

Are you looking for a hip new T-Shirt? Antonio Tavoletti, a fellow sophomore at BPHS, has designed a sick graphic tee for both boys and girls!

The T-shirt is black and has a white circle on it. Above the white circle it says “Rectangle.” All the young rebellious teens now a days love graphic tees like the one Antonio has designed. There are many ways to style this poetic shirt. Dress it up with a nice sweater and jeans, or dress it down with a pair of running shorts and tennis shoes.

For just $15, the T-Shirt could be yours! There’s just one catch. Antonio needs 50 signatures from people who will buy them before he can have them made, and he currently has seven.

These shirts will not only be profiting Antonio. Every shirt he sells, he will donate $1 to St. Judes children’s hospital.

To sign up for one of these Tavoletti original T-shirts, go to room 108! Together, BPHS can make a fashion statement.

“Be the envy of your friends,” Tavoletti said.

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