Rotary Student of the Month: Adam Larson


Sean Miehl, Staff Writer

On March 26, senior Adam Larson was named Student of the Month by the Bethel Park Rotary Club.

The Student of the Month is chosen by Vicki Flotta, who presents the recipient to the Club.  The presentation occurs on the last Wednesday of every month at South Park Clubhouse.

The Rotary Club is an international organization that raises money for communities who have chapters.  There is a Bethel Park chapter of the Rotary Club.

The student is chosen based on volunteerism or a noteworthy accomplishment.

On the reason why he was chosen, Larson said, “I was chosen for my accomplishments throughout the community.  Specifically I am an Eagle Scout, NHS member, Youth Group participant, Editor-in-Chief of Hawk Eye, and religious educator.  All of which I commit a multitude of community service hours to.”

Larson said, “I’m very honored to be named March student of the month.”

Collaboratively, Vicki Flotta and the Bethel Park Rotary Club will continue to work together to designate a student with honor.