Prom 2013: Timeless Twenties

Jake McCall, Staff Writer

The weather is getting warmer and another group of seniors are getting ready for their last few weeks of high school.  As senior year ends, many students have multiple things to look forward to.  Some students look forward to graduation while some look forward to starting college.

However, there is one night in a high schooler’s senior schedule that stands between graduation and college.  That night is the Senior Prom.

This year’s prom is taking place Friday, May 17th, at the Westin Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh.  The prom last year was held at the Westin too.

“We chose the Westin because it was one of the only places big enough for the event,” said Senior Class President AJ Baroffio.  “Plus, it was an awesome venue last year so we decided to stick with it again.”

One of the biggest announcements involving prom is the theme of the prom, and after much debate, SGA has decided that this year’s theme is the timeless twenties.

“The choices were the 20s or a Paris themed prom,” said AJ.  “Everyone does a Paris themed prom and we wanted to be original.  Plus with The Great Gatsby movie coming out we figured it would be a perfect theme for the prom.”

After the war, life was one big party in the twenties.  There was an economic boom and many social changes became widely accepted.  The prom is meant to be a fun time that seniors will remember for the rest of their lives.

“Prom is a special time,” said senior Corey Lazor.  “I’m real excited for it.  The venue is going to be awesome and I’m excited to be having fun with all of my classmates one last time.”

The buzz and hype for the prom will only increase as the date inches closer.  Senior Prom is a night that people talk about for the rest of their lives and all attendees are looking to make it the most memorable night of their lives.