Julia Kleszcz, Staff Writer

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Did you add nonperishable food items to the white box in your homeroom?

Recently, the Interact Club collected nonperishable food items for SHIM.

What is SHIM? Well it stands for  South Hills Inter- Faith Ministries. It is an organization that gives food to the poor or to people with food stamps that only benefit from donations, according to Thomas Calano, a member of the Interact Club.

What is the best way to help out in SHIM? Having a food drive is the best way to help out but giving money is better. It is very easy to volunteer because they hand out food every Tuesday and Thursday.

When I asked Thomas how people like us can help, he said that we can contact SHIM and help hand out food items, organize drives, or help out inside of the building. He stated that there are many ways to help out.

All in all, I gather after talking with Thomas and from previous knowledge, that SHIM is a great organization and really helps out our community.

This past food drive, Interact collected 781 total items, over 800 pounds in food, for SHIM.  Mr. Miller’s homeroom contributed 230 items to that total.