Bethel Park once again brings back the hardware for DECA

Dan Del Bene , Staff Writer

Once a year students from BPHS head to Chocolate World in Hershey, Pa. to compete at the DECA state conference held at the Hershey Lodge. This year was different like everything else, as the usual state conference was done virtually this year.

Students who competed had to submit videos of their presentation to the judges to be scored later.

“I am extremely proud of everyone, being able to compete and succeed at such a difficult time,” said Mrs. Smoller, DECA sponsor.

Once again Bethel swept much of the competition. The mini awards were given out for the top test takers and role play scores.

Ethan Donovan, Keelan Donovan, Christian McClaine, Gavin Barzan, Jack Hartman, Isabel Burke, Julia Casaldi, and Taylor Arnoni all took home medals for the mini awards.

There were many state finalists who placed high enough to qualify for the national conference.

The team of Abby Griffith and Joie Sprandle took first place in Business Services Operations Research. Nick Massari, Ryan Puskar, and Lianna Robbins placed first in Business Solutions.

Taylor Arnoni placed second in Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling. Emma Bucheli and Marena Chernicky placed second for Business Solutions Project. Michael Conroy and Lexi Seese placed second. Matt McGrath and Dan Del Bene placed second in Franchise Business Plan. Lastly, the team of Summer Lewis and Leigha Piazzi, and Christian McClaine placed second in their respected events.

Matt McGrath said, “It was an honor to bring home a trophy, and I had a great time competing.”

The following students placed third in their projects or events: Gavin Barzan, Jack Hartman, Morgan Beardsley, Emily Engel, Josh Clunan, Evan Holewinski, Nolan Plassio, Julia Casaldi, Amber Simeone, and Nina Romery.

Lastly, these are the students who finished in fourth in their competitions:  Lexi Beck, Mitchell Gramm, Dom Nerone, Lucia and Mia Coccagno, Dom DePasquale, Jackson Molli, Aletris Eckert, Chloe McDonald, Caitlyn Schultz, Natalie Engel, Merris Gable, Nick Gasper, Forrest Shaw, Martina Tatalias, and Makayla Yee.

There were more than 49 students who placed and 25 students who qualified for the international competitions that were supposed to take place in Anaheim, CA. but with COVID that was also changed to be virtual.

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