Covid-19 cases climb

The deadly Covid-19

Jimmy Smith

The deadly Covid-19

Max Lorenz, Staff Writer

As we all know, the Covid-19 otherwise known as the Coronavirus is taking over the world. It has shut down almost everything including, schools, restaurants, sporting events, and colleges. The combination of how quickly it spreads and how deadly it is is what makes it very had to control.

Coronavirus is extremely deadly to older people or people with existing health conditions. For younger people below age 40, it is not as deadly, but you could still spread it to other people who might be more susceptible to the virus.

The entire USA is now on lockdown until April 30. This means all schools will be closed and everyone will be advised to stay inside unless necessary.

As many schools are shutting down, some schools are transitioning to online school. Many are struggling with the switch to online classes as this can be hard for the school to start up with all the regulations, and some students might not have access to the internet from their household.

As well as schools, almost every sporting event has canceled now. The NBA has suspended their season, the Wimbledon is canceled, the MLB season is suspended, high school and college sports are also suspended, along with many other sports. This is causing a lot of people to lose their jobs and lose out on money opportunities. This also causes many people to lose out on some dreams. You can’t play sports forever so missing one year can be the difference between making it in a professional sport and not making it.

The United States is now leading the world with the most cases of Covid-19.  It just recently passed Italy and China for most cases with around 200,000. The total death count is around 3,000 now too. Experts predict that these numbers will only rise if people do not follow the safety precautions recommended.

If people follow the proper precautions, then this virus will go away soon, but some people cannot follow rules and that is what is making this virus so bad.

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