Bethel Park child creates “Smiles from Sean” on behalf of ill children

Parker Loera, Sports Editor

Sean Rover, an 11-year-old from Bethel Park with a rare brain tumor, created “Smiles from Sean,” in which he donates emoji pillows, smiley face stress balls, and emoji cinch backpacks to children at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh who are suffering from similar obstacles.

Although he did not have any health issues in the past, Rover was diagnosed with myxoid mesenchymal on October 22, 2017. It is a type of CNS Sarcoma. He has had two surgeries to remove tumors in six months.

Before his second surgery on April 17, 2018, Make-A-Wish foundation helped them take a trip down to Universal Studios, Legoland, and the Space Center, which is where Rover met Bruce Melnick, a retired astronaut.

“Every time he would come out of surgery he would have a smile on his face even though he was in pain. When he was in the hospital, every nice thing someone did for him helped him, and he appreciated it. So he wants to give back,” said his mother Maria Rovers. (JoAnne Harrop/ Trib).

Rover uses the money that is donated for his condition to buy the materials for “Smiles from Sean.”

So far, he has given over 200 pillows, stress balls and backpacks.

People can donate at .