Pittsburgh Police on horses? I say ‘neigh’

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

After a 14-year hiatus, the Pittsburgh City Council and the Department of Public Safety are planning to revive its mounted police control in the city.

This means that the Pittsburgh Police will be patrolling the dangerous streets on horseback.

Though it may be healthier for the environment, it still isn’t the best idea for the people.

The mounted cops are really risking their lives, even more than they were when they patrolled by car.

Because, for whatever reason, more and more people are starting to lose respect for police and even other civilians. And these people that are fed up with others are taking it out either by assaulting, taunting, or even killing other people.

But the city of Pittsburgh is still sticking to the plan.

They are just deciding how they are going to pay for this new addition to the city.

To the public knowledge, the city is planning to “reopen a trust fund for the former mounted units” and “seek foundation support and gains.”

And for the horses, Sonya Toler, a Public Safety spokesperson said, “Pittsburgh officials said they were looking at using the county’s existing horse stables in South Park.”

So this mounted police unit could be beneficial, or it may not. Only time will tell.

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