New Bethel police chief takes charge

Krista Vandyke, Staff Writer

Timothy O’Connor has been hired to be the new police chief of Bethel Park. He will start on Tuesday, March 10 and will officially become the police chief on April 1 when the former chief retires.

O’Connor has always wanted to lead his own department and looks forward to observing the police department in Bethel Park.

He used to be in Zone 5 in the East End for Pittsburgh police, which is the busiest police district.

He certainly has a lot of experience to bring to Bethel Park, where we had 31 violent crimes in 2012. He is particularly strong when it comes to preventive strategies to fight crime, so hopefully he will be able to help us lower the violent crimes here in Bethel Park.

O’Connor intends on staying in Bethel Park for a long time, and we look forward to his presence in the community.

Council members are confident in O’Connor’s abilities, and he sounds like he will be a very promising police chief.

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