Dennis Rodman: Foreign Affairs Officer?

Michael Musciano, Staff Writer

Dennis Rodman has been attracting a lot of attention lately especially with his crude comments on CNN towards Kenneth Bae. Rodman has always been eccentric in the past, but his craving for attention has gone a bit too far recently with his newfound friendship with Kim Jong-Un,  leader of North Korea.

It seems as if you hear something about Rodman on a daily basis, whether it’s his unruly comments towards Kenneth Bae or him serenading Kim Jong-Un on his birthday. Overall, it needs to stop unless Rodman actually starts improving relations and stops putting on his act to get attention.

If Rodman was  to convince Kim Jong to release prisoner Kenneth Bae, who was wrongly arrested and detained, then Rodman’s presence in the Foreign Affairs scene could be very valuable. Rodman could persuade and convince Kim Jong to do other things that will improve relations with the U.S. and North Korea.

But unfortunately, as of right now, Rodman seems to be putting on an act and just wants attention now that his NBA career is over. You can expect to hear more of Rodman’s  strange, amusing, and wild comments and actions on the news in the near future.

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