Video: Is Mr. Allemang “writing” a new chapter in his life?


Hawk Eye Staff

It was a little less than a year ago when two of Mr. Allemang’s Triconderoga pencils mysteriously went missing from his cart.

Since their safe return, Mr. Allemang made sure to spend more quality time with his pencils. He vowed never again to take his Triconderogas for granted, promising to keep a closer eye on them.

It seemed that Mr. Allemang lived up to his promise. He was often spotted spending quality time with them.

Since then, though, things haven’t been so cordial between Mr. Allemang and his Triconderogas. In fact, Mr. Allemang admits to there being “trouble in paradise.”

Recently, Mr. Allemang and one of his Triconderogas were caught on camera arguing. What happened thereafter is worth sitting down for. Have a look for yourself.