World Wednesday: Trash sucking life out of oceans

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Recycling your plastic and paper products every week is the environmentally friendly thing to do, but sometimes the waste you throw away ends up going further than the garbage dump.

And that place is your favorite family vacationing spot, the beach.

And when some of your recyclables end up in the ocean, it tends to create severe hazards to the marine life.

Even the simplest microplastics in your favorite major brand toothpaste end up in the ocean and into a fish’s digestive system causing poisoning which results in a quick death.

But the fish in the sea aren’t the only ones taking on the trash.

Many birds and other forms of wildlife develop indigestion and diseases from feeding on the floating plastic waste that the ocean has washed up.

And believe it or not, every year, 12 million tons of grocery bags, empty bottles, wrappers, cans, and straws end up in our oceans, causing extreme hazards.

And if we as a world do not put a stop to the countless amount of trash that is being disposed of, we will end up gazing upon our own filth on the hot sunny days of the summer months.

But far worse than that is the fact that animals will be dying at a more rapid rate because of the intense amount of ocean pollution being created every day.

There’s a way you can help make our ocean and world cleaner…

Never litter, always reuse and recycle, go zero waste, and most importantly, educate people about the ocean issues and what differences they can make.

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