Fun houseplants to grow this winter season


Gary J. Wood from Toronto, ON, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A Christmas cactus proudly shows off its hanging branches beautiful rose-colored flowers.

Clara Moir, Staff Writer

With the colder months rolling in, plants that usually grow outside are starting to shrivel away. So, here are some good indoor houseplants to grow during this cold weather.

The first pick is an all-around great houseplant that grows year-round. The aloe vera is a larger variant of a type of plant called a succulent. These plants need very little water and are very low maintenance.

In the wild, this plant thrives in dry, hot weather like deserts. This plant would be perfect to have around the house. Especially near a brightly lit window.

The insides of the aloe vera have been known to help with itchiness and burns on the skin. You can even make your own moisturizer from the plant itself.

Another very easy plant to take care of is the jade plant. This plant can withstand both cold and hot temperatures. So if it were to be placed next to the front door and get occasional gusts of cold air in a heated home, it wouldn’t mind a bit.

When it comes to watering your jade plant, never let it dry out completely. But also, do not water a jade plant too often, as this can cause root rot. Instead of watering it on a schedule, occasionally check if the topsoil is dry or not.

The last plant on the list is the Christmas cactus. This cactus has colorful flowers that bloom during the cold months, like December (hence the name Christmas).

Like most cacti, this one needs very little water and can thrive on just a bit of sunlight. If you were to water the plant too much, there is a higher chance of it developing root rot or leaf rot.

It’s a nice holiday-themed cactus to have around the house. In my experience, the flowers actually usually bloom near Thanksgiving.

It’s good to have a little boost in the mood when you see your house plants are thriving during the winter. So, take care of your plants this winter and enjoy the winter months.