Top 5 Ice Cream places in Bethel Park 2019

Tasty Creme in Bethel Park.

Tasty Creme's Facebook page

Tasty Creme in Bethel Park.

Hunter Junazski, Staff Writer

Bethel Park has many ice cream places that we all know and here are the top 5 ranked from favorite from to least favorite.

  1. Tasty Creme. Even though this small ice cream shop is right on the edge of Bethel Park and Finleyville, it makes the top spot for its price and its taste. They have many different types of things you can get and their taste speaks for itself.
  2. Rita’s. Rita’s is known to be popular anyways and in Bethel, it is no different. Rita’s is notorious for their Gelato’s because there is no other place like it. Right by Giant Eagle, Rita’s brings in a lot of people who are in the area, especially in the summer.
  3. Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen is a classic among many people all around the country. Dairy Queen is famous for their Blizzards which attract many customers in. Dairy Queen is not terribly pricey and is very delicious.
  4. Baskin Robbins. Even though Baskin Robbins is technically in Upper St. Clair, it still counts because it is right outside Bethel and it’s a popular spot. Baskin Robbins is a classic that offers many different flavors of ice cream.
  5. Bruster’s. Bruster’s comes in last on this list for its lack of notability. Bruster’s is a classic ice cream shop where you can get any of your favorites. Located right between Rita’s and Dairy Queen, it has to deal with much competition in Bethel.
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