Fantastically Fabulous Feature: Morgan Kinman’s makeup magic


Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Makeup can hide blemishes and even enhance facial features. But most importantly, makeup can become a hobby and act as a huge confidence boost.

And that’s exactly what makeup has done for junior Morgan Kinman, who has been wearing makeup since she was just 12 years old.

But the thought of wearing makeup at such a young age was not necessarily the easiest thing to do.

Kinman says that her reason behind why she wore makeup at such a young age was because, “We’re all taught that makeup makes us beautiful, and if we don’t wear it, we aren’t.”

But even though all the talk of society sparked this process, it was never a problem of hers. It was quite the opposite actually.

“It sparked the hobby I enjoy the most today. And I’d like to do it as a side job in college.”

With that in mind, Kinman has been running a personal Instagram account (morganrainebeauty) to broadcast her makeup skills and routines.

She has even been recognized by local makeup artist Kourtney Leech through social media and even got invited into her studio to make a custom blend brow pomade!

Now that’s impressive!

But what’s even more impressive is how Kinman keeps her skin as clear as she can.

In which she said the key is to wash your face every night and exfoliate every other day.

So there you have it… makeup advice and skin care tips from Bethel Park’s very own: Morgan Kinman.

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